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Parallax is proposing to redevelop 63-91 Montclair Avenue with 21 and 23 storey residential buildings connected by a five to eight storey podium that includes street level townhomes that will animate the Montclair frontage. The site has convenient access to an abundance of transit, including a connection to St. Clair West Subway Station along Heath Street.

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The site is situated north of St. Clair Avenue and west of Spadina Road.


St Clair West Subway Station is located within a 250 metre radius of the site.

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IBI Group has thoughtfully designed the building to fit with the existing and planned context.

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In the City of Toronto’s Official Plan, the site is designated 'Apartment Neighbourhoods'. This land use designation supports the introduction of taller built forms than what currently exists on site today.

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The development proposal presents an opportunity for community benefits to be determined in consultation with community members and the Councillor.

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IBI has sculpted the building to achieve unique architectural design that complements and enhances the character of the surrounding environment. Material selection will be refined throughout the application process with input from City staff and community members.

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The development’s parking entrance has been located on Bantry Avenue to avoid traffic impacts to Montclair Avenue. Additionally, the proposal contemplates a reduced parking count to mitigate traffic concerns and to encourage alternative sustainable methods of transportation.

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The site is located in close proximity to transit, including the St. Clair West subway station (Line 1) and the 512 St. Clair Streetcar; supporting intensification near higher-order transit.

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Parallax looks forward to the opportunity to continue working with the community and Ward Councillor throughout the development application process.



Key dates for public meetings and other important annoucements will be updated as they become available. Please check back for updates on the project here.

Please note that public meetings will be hosted and facilitated by City Planning.



The following FAQ page will be updated with new questions as we receive additional feedback from the community. 

Where can I learn more about the development?

You can visit this site for updates throughout the project, contact us with any specific questions and/or comments, or visit the City of Toronto development application page to download project files by clicking here. Timelines and common questions will be updated on this site throughout the application process.

What is the timing of the project?

The development application process varies by project. Please continue to check back on this page for project updates as they become available.

How can I get involved with the project?

Various community members, City staff, and the Councillor have been consulted prior to submitting the project's rezoning package in June 2020. We value community input and intend on further consultation with community groups and other stakeholders as the application process evolves. Additionally, a community meeting will be held (virtually) on October 15, 2020. The City will provide notice when the details have been finalized.

Have the potential traffic impacts of the project been examined?

LEA Consulting Ltd. has prepared a detailed Transportation Impact Study submitted as part of the rezoning application in June 2020. The full study can be downloaded from the development application page by clicking here. As part of LEA's traffic study, they collected traffic counts (prior to COVID-19 in January 2020) and analyzed incremental traffic related to the new development. LEA's report concluded that "the proposed development will have minimal impact to the traffic operations of the surrounding road network." If you have any issues downloading the report, please contact us and we will email you the report directly.

Will Bantry Avenue be purchased as part of the development application?

A small portion of Bantry Avenue (the furthest west portion of Bantry) may be purchased from the City for the purposes of introducing a public pedestrian connection from Montclair Avenue to the public road, Lower Village Gate. The details of this connection still need to be coordinated with City staff and has not been confirmed at this point. It is the intention at this time that the remainder of Bantry Avenue will continue to be owned by the City and operate as normal for public use.

Is the site within the boundaries of the Forest Hill Village?

No, the site falls outside of the boundaries of the Forest Hill Village. The City of Toronto's Forest Hill Urban Design Guidelines defines the "area as the properties with frontage on Spadina Road between Montclair Avenue and Thelma Avenue, as well as adjacent buildings fronting onto Lonsdale Avenue", and also includes "properties along Spadina Road up to Strathearn Boulevard".

Can you see the proposal from the core of the Village?

The images below illustrate the sky view impacts of the proposal when viewed from various locations along the east side of Spadina Road within the Forest Hill Village.

Is the development site within a Natural Heritage Protected Area (from the Cedarvale Ravine)?

No, the site falls outside of the Natural Heritage System.

Is the development within the top of bank of the Cedarvale Ravine that is regulated by TRCA?

No, the development is not within the top of bank of the Cedarvale Ravine.

How will the development regulate water from the development site into the City's stormwater sewers? How will this stormwater management impact potential soil erosion in the ravine?

The proposed development will be designed to meet City requirements for stormwater management. All storm runoff from the site will be captured by an internal storm drainage system and discharged to a large below grade cistern before being released to the City storm sewer system at a controlled release rate. The controlled release rate will be below 2-year pre-development storm discharge, established in accordance with the WWFMG (Wet Weather Flow Management Guidelines, City of Toronto). The internal storm drainage system and the cistern will be sized to capture storm flows up to and including the 100-year storm events. Because of this, the storm runoff from the site to the City’s storm conveyance system will be reduced, which means the existing conditions in the downstream conveyance system will improve as a result of the proposed development.

Please click here to download the full Stormwater Management Report, prepared by WSP Group.



Since 1981, Parallax has brought a celebrated depth of skill to every project we have undertaken; our nimble ability to shift between asset classes has given us a unique advantage.


Today we are well known for our street-front retail, high-rise and mid-rise residential condominiums, office buildings, mixed-use facilities and public-private partnerships.

We strive to deliver projects that add value to the communities in which we build. Collaboration with the community is fundamental to any of our projects and we want to hear your voice.

Learn more about us or ask a question.

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We are excited for your feedback on the development proposal. Where possible, we will incorporate community feedback into revised iterations and will do our best to respond to any questions that you may have.
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